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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mobb Deep's Knicks Connection

Mobb Deep are among New York City's most respected hip hop acts, and the Queens-based duo's influence can now be traced to the sports world. The New York Knicks, in the midst of fighting for the final playoff spot in the NBA's Eastern Conference, have dubbed their role players "Mob Deep," much to the amusement of Havoc and Prodigy.
"I've heard them play our music before at different games, maybe during the highlights on the news and certain things like that," Prodigy told ESPNNewYork. "But this is the first time where the team actually called something 'Mobb Deep.' That's the Knicks. That's what's up."
"I thought it was like a one-time thing," Havoc added, "but then I started hearing about it and people kept on telling me that they mentioned it on MSG every time they have a game."
"It was a saying that we used to use in Queensbridge, describing how many of us it would be when we all went out, or if we saw another crew that had a lot of people rolling with them," he said of the term's origin. "We would be like, 'Yo, we were mobb deep last night at the movie theater,' or whatever have you -- as in a mob of us, that we were rolling deep."

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