Friday, March 23, 2012

American Airlines May Finally Be Sold

Bloomberg reports that US Airways (NYSE: LCC) has approached unsecured creditors of American Airlines parent AMR about buying the airline as its leaves bankruptcy. AMR management says it plans for the carrier to stay independent. That is a bad idea. The current economic environment and fuel prices would challenge the ability of a “new” American to be viable.
AMR will have a number of financial advantages in Chapter 11. Some of its plane leases could be voided. It likely will be able to alter employee contracts. It will dismiss thousands of workers and may be able to change their pensions. Planes will be taken out of service so that capacity within the carrier’s system can be adjusted to allow for more profitability.
All of these advantages may be too little for American to stay financially viable once its bankruptcy ends. The International Air Transport Association recently reported that airline profits globally are headed toward zero this year. Further, the organization believes that industry profits could disappear completely in 2012 if fuel costs get much higher and remain at those levels. The head of Emirates, one of the largest and best-funded carriers, expects that some airlines will be unable to weather the harshness the industry faces for the balance of the year.
The bankruptcy court has a number of options in the AMR case. One is to force American into the kind of consolidation that Northwest set with Delta (NYSE: DAL) and that United (NYSE: UAL) set with Continental two years ago. Each was partially the result of high fuel prices in 2008. Another reason was the falling global economy. Those circumstances may exist now, or will in the near future.
Even with the advantages of Chapter 11. American probably cannot survive on its own.

{ ENGAGEMENT } Ricky & Christine

Bryan and I are truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love, talent, and pure awesomeness in our families.  And when it comes down to our cousins Ricky and Christine, awesomeness suddenly becomes an understatement.   I absolutely adore couples that reflect the best of themselves in each other.  In first meeting, Christine simply bursts with a bubbly (not to mention contagious) energy while Ricky comes off more reserved and mellow.  She's an aspiring actress; He's a musician; She reminds him when to relax and take a break from work; He keeps her grounded (in a good way, of course).  Together they create a beautiful balance of love and energy and form the creative duo behind Yodsukar Photography.  Specialized in Weddings & Engagements, It isn't surprising that these two lovebirds share and capture love for a living.  But now THEY are the ones getting married and it's so exciting to finally see them in front of the camera.
When Christine asked me to style their shoot I was beyond excited but a little intimidated as well.  Aside from shopping, clothes swapping, and lending clothes to my girlfriends, the only "styling" I really do is my own personal outfits.  But this small "project" turned out to be all of the above.  Christine came over to shop my closet and play a little dress up, and three outfits later I came up with Christine's vision of "Free People" and "Va-va-vooom!" 
Congrats again Ricky and Christine!  Thanks for letting me play!  I love you guys!!!

Bow Wow Announces New “Underrated” Album Release Date

After numerous delays, it looks like Bow Wow is getting ready to finally drop his “Underrated” album. He took to his Twitter today to announce that the new release date is June 12th. Time will tell if that date will stick. Peep the tracklist here.

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N.O.R.E. Ft Raekwon & Styles P – Google That

DJ Kay Slay premiered this new record from N.O.R.E., Raekwon and Styles P titled ‘Google That’. DSOM comes through with the radio rip.

Tyga Addresses Shooting Incident

Tyga Addresses Shooting Incident
Tyga has made his first 'official' statements regarding the shooting that took place after his concert in Omaha, Nebraska earlier this week. The Young Money rapper talked to Power 106 about the unfortunate incident, which ended with his artist Honey Cocaine being shot in her arm.
“I’m a chill person, but a person wants to be disrespectful… I’m trying to put on a great show for people who pay money to see me. Somebody threw a bottle and nobody want to say who threw the bottle. It’s childish stuff,” he said. “I never really lose my cool, I’m chill most of the time. I never be trying to start drama or something like that. But when you get disrespected as a man, there’s certain stuff that won’t allow.”
“I’m not paranoid about this. You don’t understand… This doesn’t happen, these aren’t fans. This situation escalated because I wanted to do the show,” he explained. “I was dealing with the same people from the beginning of the day, before the show even started. They wanted to cancel the show. There was a bunch of drama going on already.”
“Actually, there were some local opening acts and I told them they couldn’t perform," continued Tyga. "It’s a tour, and I don’t want no opening act performances. That’s what y’all saw on YouTube and stuff. Stuff was going on all day, but I could have left Omaha and said, I don’t care about y’all, I’m going to leave.”

Lil Kim, Lil Cease Honor "Life After Death"

Lil Kim, Lil Cease Honor ''Life After Death''
On what will be the 15-year anniversary of its release, the Notorious B.I.G.'s landmark 1997 album Life After Death is being honored by MTV2's "Sucker Free Countdown." Former Junior M.A.F.I.A. members and B.I.G. affiliates Lil Kim and Lil Cease will co-host the tribute episode.
Other rappers like Redman, Nas, Ice Cube, Pete Rock and Mac Miller will discuss the impact of Biggie and the album.
Life After Death was released to nearly-unanimous critical acclaim on March 25th, 1997--just weeks after the Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down in Los Angeles. It is one of the best-selling hip hop albums of all time and the second and final original studio release that was completed by the rapper.

Kim Kardashian Attacked?

Kim Kardashian Attacked?
While at the London Hotel in West Hollywood to promote her new fragrance line on Thursday (March 22nd), socialite/reality star Kim Kardashian was assaulted by a woman who threw white powder all over her hair and back. Kim was walking the red carpet when the attack happened.
The fire department was called to the scene due to the unspecified nature of the substance.
Luckily, it was just cooking flour.
The woman was detained by the authorities, but Kimmy took the whole incident in stride. She went to a room and took off her jacket and returned to the event.

Nas Praises 'This Generation?'

Nas Praises 'This Generation'
Nas may have had some disparaging remarks about mid-2000s hip hop last week, but the rap veteran still has a positive outlook for the genre that he loves. Nasty Nas had nothing but praise for hip hop's current generation and acknowledged that certain racial barriers have been overcome by the culture.
"We died to get where we at," he said. "This generation of hip-hop, we're making a stance; we're saying what we gotta say. We didn't graduate Harvard, we didn't graduate Princeton--nothing against them, they good schools. We're setting trends. N*ggas is tastemakers, whatever the f*ck that means. We're that, and then some. Because we're all one, it don't matter [if you're] Black, White, Asian, Saudi."