Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prostitute Snaps PDP Chief Naked For Refusing To Pay Her After Sex

All politicians using our money to "enjoying" themselves at the expense of Nigerians will continue to fall into trouble one by one... The latest gist making the rounds in the social media is that the man in the two pictures above is Chief Dan, a top PDP Chieftain from Edo State.

Chief Dan was said to have taken a prostitute to a hotel for some hot sex. But after everything he refused to pay the agreed amount, trying to play a smart one of the lady by reducing her money.

So, the angry prostitute decided to snap him while he was resting after a "hard work" on her. She immediately sent the picture to her friends who in turn circulated it on the internet.

Chief Dan is seriously denying the picture, saying he is not the one. But looking at the picture of the naked man very well, we couldn't spot the difference between him and Chief Dan... So, the question is: WHO IS FOOLING WHO?