Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A brand new song from ToluPlayer Okoto Azonto produced by Fliptyce

Okoto Azonto produced by Fliptyce the guy behind the major Nigeria hit song Psquare ft Akon- Chop my money, May D- Ile Ijo and many hits.
Kindly feel free to download song and if you like them, feel free to upload on ur sites and spin at all ur gigs.
Tnx a lot n nuff respect.
Tolu Playar.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brand new song from Timi Punpin-- Ijo


Adeniran Timilehin Titus,otherwise known as Timi Pumpin is a native of Oka Akoko town Ondo state Nigeria. A first born child of 

his parents. Born on the 8th of june 1983 into a family of two illustrious noble/military ancestries, Timi was raised to revere 

courtier ship. His scholastic tutelage spanned from Command 

children school Ikeja Lagos state,Command day secondary school Ikeja Lagos state,Comprehensive high school Ayetoro Ogun state,to 

doing a four year stint studying computer science in Lagos state university SPTS Ojo Lagos Nigeria before moving on to facing music 

Enamored with and apt to the arts(inherited from his mother),Timi was brought up through a pedigree of musical exposure to a rich 

range of recorded musical TV concerts like motown 25 yesterday,today and forever,Soul train and a host of others,at age seven he 

had a striking acumen of musicians from divers genres of music like the Begees,Fela Kuti,Mariam Makeeba,Bob Marley to mention a few 

which he savored from his toddler to his early teens. He made it to his late teens through the relish of artists of the likes of 

R.kelly,BoysIImen,Mary J Blige,Toni Braxton,Elton John,&Robbie williams. An exceptional fine&prolific dancer(inherited from his 

father).He had been both school and church choir member from age nine and has been performing on stage for different acts since 

eight years of age. He was led to tutelage under Rev Isaac Obrutu by a penchant for classical music which he loves especially the 

ones from Ludwig Van Bethoven(1770-1827),Sebastian Batch,and Yanni and Some worth Plays the Pianoforte. He also loves Jazz both 

accelerando and adagio, references to his favorite musicians Frank Sinatra & James Brown(late). Most experiences have influenced 

Timi's music even from 2005 when he started music professionally. 
Timi is an addictive chess player. He also loves the game of Golf. He is Humanitarian and apt to philosophy. 
Timi is savvy in business management. 
Timi maybe contacted on Facebook( 

twitter @titusadeniran

the link of the song is here bellow 

his blackberry pin is 2761A133