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Thursday, August 9, 2012

vote for Obama for 2012.

I thing people forgot about what Obama has done he is the only president to give a tax credit when you wanted to get a better vechicle in 09. Obama extended unemployment for another tier for some that was 6 more months of income. I know a lot of people dont like that he made same sex marriage in effect. A lot of people dont believe in GOD and they will have to deal with that on Judgement day. If you look back in history jesus is acknowledge in many religion so I know my GOD is real. In the housing market he has help people to keep there home's and even made it harder on these lobbist and banks to over charge us. This is going be the most important election of the century vote for Obama for 2012. Amen

And i don’t think your boss should get to control the health care that you get. I don’t think insurance companies should control the care that you get. I don’t think politicians should control the care that you get. I think there's one person to make these decisions on health care, and that is you.”—President Obama on women’s health

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